I have seen my share of development projects over the years while in business here in New Jersey, and I can tell you there have not been many that can be as impactful as this concept of building a multi-use convention center facility at the Meadowlands Sports Complex. The return on investment is enormous and can drive economic growth for the next 30 years. Now is the time to advance this project.

Fletch Creamer Jr., Chairman of the Board, The Meadowlands 2040 Foundation

The Greater Meadowlands Region has become an economically critical component of NJ’s overall economy mainly because of the visionaries who made bold decisions and investments years ago. There is no denying what the Hunden Study data reveals about advancing the concept of building a convention center at the complex. This project will help strengthen property values and bring great visitation to NJ. I am very proud to support the concept and be a part of the 2040 Foundation’s vision.

Bill Hanson, President NAI James E. Hanson, Vice Chair of the 2040 Foundation

The Meadowlands Sports and Entertainment Complex has undergone a total transformation in the last decade plus, and the addition of a multi-use convention center to complement the existing venues could only enhance the region’s growth and economic opportunity. This in turn will boost our overall New Jersey economy and make the region a further attraction for private investment, tourism and destination marketing. Further, rounding out the offerings in the Meadowlands region will enhance the region’s brand, equipping it to better compete with New York City.

Michele Siekerka, President and CEO, New Jersey Business & Industry Association

The New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce is in total support of building a new convention center to replace the shuttered arena in the Meadowlands complex. The current stadium, racetrack and American Dream mall will all be complimented with a new convention center and those assets will enjoy added economic impact with the addition of a state of the art convention center. The proposed center will be a multi-use facility that will become a sought after venue for a variety of functions, leveraging its great location , one of the best in the country. The market analysis that was conducted was very positive and the economic impact this facility will create , to the region and the state, will be significant. Leveraging and enhancing existing assets(stadium , racetrack and American Dream) should always be a goal in our state. By doing that , our economy, our image and our reputation will grow, which is a vitally needed aspirational goal . The proposed convention center will do just that.

Tom Bracken, President and CEO of the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce

A large-scale convention center and related amenities would be a game changer for New Jersey. We lose millions and millions of dollars just in the life sciences space for conventions that happen in Philly and Boston and San Diego and San Francisco. Given the massive presence of the biopharmaceutical industry and related services and suppliers, there is absolutely no reason that New Jersey should not be the host to many of these large conventions and medical meetings. We would wholeheartedly support such a venture.

Debbie Hart, MS, APR, President and CEO, BioNJ


A Convention Center located in the Meadowlands area would bring private sector jobs and would mean a lot to the economic viability of New Jersey for years to come. Any project that improves New Jersey’s economy should be embraced and supported however possible. Everyone should support the effort.

Anthony Russo, President, Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey

“A new Convention Center would draw Fan Experiences and Special Events that now go to Manhattan. It would also rebuild the Meadowlands and New Jersey as one of the premier sports and entertainment tourist destinations in the country. Think of the jobs, the economic activity, and the transit investments that would create. And that’s the bottom line.”

Jerry Keenan, President, Alliance for Action